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Hi Josh,

Thanks for your input. Sounds like i need to do some reading on formatting text for best readability as i never considered it to be that bad in issue 4. The previous issues were a bit of a nightmare, which is why we changed anyways! One of the issues which we have found is the way different OS’s configure fonts and their sizes etc because this can be a pain when we are trying to keep as close as possible to a fixed height. If anyone has some good reading on fonts – please chuck it my way!

As for skipping the pages to certain content; there are a few ways to do that – the main 2 being from the navigation and ‘Quick Page Skip’ at the top of the site and the other being when you hit the contents page – I am not really sure exactly what you mean on this?

You are right, it has been covered before! (don’t worry though ey!) We want to do something different – the main focus being the images themselves and this is the best we feel to present them – big, bold and with no intrusion of conventional site features; navigation bars, footers, headers, sidebars etc.. Yep, it’s not the norm, but we like it! And our viewers seem to as well!

Thanks man!