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Hi Doc,

Which issue were you reading? We changed the font from from our last issue to Arial – surely you can’t think Arial is unreadable!? ; )

We did have a pretty ugly font before that, however – so I could sympathise with that!

We also changed the page flipping. It used to be a block of text in the top left and right, but people didnt like scrolling back up to the top to turn the page.

Again, we don’t want it to be intrusive. One thought i had was that maybe the page-turn area should expand as it’s rolled over. Something i never actioned.

Like i said in the last post to Mark, i want to do something similar to the Navigation awareness animation that shows people the page-turn buttons.

The way i see it, it’s grabbing those first-time users and saying ‘just quickly, this is how you do things here!’. Know what i mean?