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Ok. To clarify this a little…

Each piece of content that goes in the sections is not within the source of the page itself but is instead loaded in with some kind of JavaScript. It looks like @TheDoc is correct in that blue.html is the file that contains the content for the blue panel that cannot be loaded (hence an empty page). If that support quote is correct, the simplest fix would be to change the extension on all your filenames from .html to .php.

More abstractly, I would strongly advise cleaning up your site a bit. There are more than 10 separate JS files being loaded. This is going to spell disaster for performance as well as making it really hard to work out where problems are coming from. You could therefore improve this by combining all the jQuery into 1 or 2 compressed files and doing the same for the multiple CSS requests. Arguably, these things are just symptoms of the biggest issue as far as the site being next to useless when JavvaScript is disabled.

I know I sure criticized a lot but in doing so I am trying to help. :)