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First – I really like the look: nice textures, well-considered semi-neutral color scheme.

On initial loading, there’s a definite lag before the images in the home page slider start to cycle – rather disconcerting.

On the portfolio page, the text at left (just under your logo) is very hard to read. Not enough contrast with the background color, IMHO (at least for my eyes).

A few validation errors. Most of the HTML “errors” seem inconsequential, but look like they’d be easy to correct. In CSS, one of the reported errors appears to be a recurring typo – “position relavive” instead of “position relative”. Also, some problem with font-size declarations. If you run pages through the W3C HTML and CSS validators, you’ll see what I mean.

But like I said, a nice-looking site that sends the message that you’re an accomplished professional. Congratulations on that.