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Thank you for the response. You hit two other very important things which I will be sure to change. Was it mainly the images for the slider which took a while to load? I can imagine the photography section of the portfolio may have a bit of lag. This is somewhat acceptable for photography portfolios, however the rest of the site should load QUICKLY. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve visited the site so many times that the images are probably all preloaded so I didn’t notice.

The menu and navigation was giving me a headache for the services section. I agree about the slider too–kinda overboard especially when the background is the same for all the slides on all the pages, making it difficult to detect a change when a new page loads. Thanks for emphasizing that. If I remove the navigation bar which is specific to the services page (the glitchy spry one) than how will visitors navigate without the browsers back button? There is the main menu at the top and I suppose they could always click back to services..Do you think that is sufficient? My concern is when people get to the next layer of the services part. For example they click Photography. And from photography they click prices. Then to get back to photography they have to use the back button on the browser, or click the services link and then the photography link again.

Any thoughts on a quick fix would be great. I agree however, that having a menu with the services header and then having them listed again directly below is a bit redundant. The services.php page is the only place that would be true.

Thanks so much for your reply. I am really excited that it’s finally time to move forward so I can focus on getting traffic and working on offline promotional things like business cards and brochures, etc. (although my biggest attempts at promotion will be online) OH THE JOYS of entrepreneurship! hehh…It’s really exciting though–despite the hard work!