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Cds/albums list the producer, books list the typesetting/printing house. Nobody finds that producer’s or printing house’s portfolio by magically landing on their website; people learn of them from the cd or book until they build their reputation.

If you work for an established co./team (or indeed, if you don’t want your name associated with the site), there’s no need for a mention. But if you’re an indie freelancer, startup, small team and it’s a good site, then by all means why wouldn’t you want a mention? We’re talking about the last tiny line at the bottom of the footer, where people are accustomed to finding such info, as @Bonzai noted.

Future customers are only going to hear of you through word-of-mouth and site footer mentions. When you’re established, there won’t be any need; -heck, by then, sites might _want_ to proudly namecheck your webco as having des/dev’d their site. I don’t see right/wrong or taste/tactless coming into play. Are you going to ask The Pixies or Patti Smith to _not_ put your name in the liner notes as the producer?