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Well, one thing to realize is that part of this is supply and demand.. someone who is in high demand slowly raises their prices. What happens is that either they are not as good as they thought they were, and go out of business, or they are exactly how good they think they were and can afford to charge a lot more and people will pay for high quality work.

I’ve really been coming to grips with how I price because I’ve got projects that I absolutely got because my bid was upwards of $10,000. Part of it was that I priced it by the number of hours I knew it would take while the other was what the market could bear, and I still came in quite a bit lower than my original estimated hours, which I just used to do some neat extras to go the extra mile for them.

So, it’s not all that apparent right away that “x” is a $10,000 job or a $5,000 job. That’s why I said you’ve really got to get into the field because it’s really going to depend on you.