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A couple of quick thoughts…

First of all, it looks a lot nicer than the original, more immediate eye-appeal, IMO, more inviting for the visitor.

What I like (mostly macro-level stuff):

+ — more generous overall layout
+ — Bigger, catchier header
+ — Slideshow
+ — animated drop downs

What I’m not crazy about:

+ — the very wide text area
+ — the lines are too long IMO for the type size
+ — the excessive space at the bottom of the footer and the fact that it floats up on pages with little content (i.e. need a sticky footer)
+ — the black highlight (an oxymoron) for page name on hover
+ — the page name isn’t centered in the colored rectangle
+ — neither is the upward arrow in the back to text icon

And a general pet peeve: the contact page. For basic messages, wouldn’t linking the “contact” menu item to a basic mailto link be better?

Sorry for the funky formatting! I’m not having much success using markdown here…