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Looking good, but some suggestions come to mind:

I personally dislike that the slider’s position jumps up at the 1000px-ish mark. If you really want to have it move up, perhaps you could a CSS animation to slide it up quickly. It would look nicer than just having it jump up.

In some views, the banner overlays the slider completely, others partially and others not at all. I would choose one and stick with it for consistency.

With your navigation, the links’s padding should be applied to the a element, rather than the li element. This makes it easier for people to click the buttons, as there’s more area for them to click.

I really like the colour scheme. Generally I like fairly two dimensional websites, but perhaps you could use a faint radial gradient as the background to the logo (as though a light were shining on it). [Here’s](”) an example of that, though you may want to go even more subtle than that.

Overall, it looks really good, especially the typography and colour scheme. Hope I help :)