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Josh & theacefes,
Totally agree about the tagline being 100% text, I have actually been kicking that can down the street for a while….just haven’t dialed it in yet.

Good point about the copy…I am still writing the final copy but your point is a good one – I’ll be sure to keep the message pointed in the right direction.

Regarding content – agreed that it is light but for right now it is kind of supposed to be… just a quick spot for me to display some of my most recent projects – not meant to generate business on its own(for now). Right now this is not my day job and, although there is not a ton of work coming in, there is enough to keep me busy enough to make this worth it. If / when this ever transitions into more of a full time operation, I totally agree that more content (and a more robust site overall) will be warranted – although I am hoping that the initial design and framework of the site will remain consistent.

Apologies for rambling – just though a bit of background would give you an idea of where I am coming from.

Thanks for all the feedback and kind words.