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I think it’s pretty good for a school project.

If I may, just a couple of things.

You really don’t need the group picture on EVERY page…just the front one (home).

Because it takes up so much space, all of your menu links lead to anchor tags xxx#bottom at the bottom of each page. This is very distracting. Users (IMO) want to go to the top of a page and scroll down.

If you remove that image from your other pages, you will have more room to play with on every page and you won’t need to link to the bottom of each page.

A minor point, your menu links all have a 1px right border #ccc. I would look into finding the selector (it exists but I don’t want to spoil it for you) to remove that border from the right-most one on each menu / sub-menu. It’s a little more visually appealing.

Othewrise, keep it up, you’re much further along than I was at that age…of course, when I was that age…there was no internet.