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Yeah for this example, but all fonts too. Web safe fonts are simply dynamic antialiased and flexi-proportion as opposed to software based rendering trickery.

Humans have spent the last 90 years perfecting linotype Inc as an example…. To make it Web safe took like a month more. There’s just nothing more we humans/google can do to streamline tried and true type faces. Changing a pixel of data for 36pt header fonts does not warrant reliance on 3rd parties.

And I agree, pay for good fonts. There’s a reason adobe owns the proportions and spacing…. It flows on all displays. Open source cannot [legally] capture this artistic design essence. Imagine that 1px of change in a 12pt font instead of 36 header and you get the idea…. The readable is untouchable. Its all about the 12pt. Good fonts are locked down, give in, obey, pay :)