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Some important points should be taken into consideration while creating the Web design for Mobile:

Simplicity is key:When it comes to mobile websites, simplicity is key. Because of the lack of space on the screen and Internet connections that are often slower, it’s important for visitors to have access to what is most crucial, and as little else as possible.

Prioritize your content: This piece of advice is related to the last, because keeping your mobile site simple means choosing only the most important features, and requires you to distill the most crucial aspects of your website down into the mobile format.
One thing you may find surprising when viewing mobile websites is how much of the content is prioritized for the visitor. Of course, all websites should be user-focused, but because most websites are run commercially for business purposes, there are often elements that aren’t necessarily important to visitors, such as banner ads. While advertisements have largely become an accepted part of the Internet, most mobile websites are ad-free. The content available on a mobile website is typically of the highest priority to the average mobile visitor, not the company, although in the end the company benefits by having a more usable website.

Screen size: One issue unique to web-design for mobile devices is screen size; different mobile devices have different screen sizes, and when screen real-estate is limited due to small screen-size, tailoring and optimizing your site to a specific screen size is an important step in making sure your mobile page looks good.

Focus on the user: Mobile sites often can’t be simple mirrors of their full-fledged counterparts, so decisions must be made about what features should be included in your mobile page. When deciding what is essential for a mobile site, it is important to think about what the user is doing at your site, why they’re visiting, and what they want or need to do. A mobile page-user’s motives may diverge drastically from that of someone using a normal, non-mobile web site.