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Well, I didn’t go for a full adobe suite.

The only one I got is Fireworks, which is good for mockups, opens AI and PS files and has it’s fair load of options.

I use Sketch for Vector Graphics, which is very good and well maintained with regular major updates. I like the UI and ergonomics. When I need to do very complex stuffs, I use Inkscape which has a lot of options.

For bitmaps I use Pixelmator, which can do almost anything if you are not afraid to loose all the pre-build layer effects and make them by hand. The UI is slick and the software inexpensive. If I need to come back to a photoshop-like interface, I use Gimphoto, which is Gimp with photoshop menu layout and shortcuts.

I use Cheetah 3D for 3D stuffs, which is very good and really easy to use when you come from 3DSMAX!

Scribus is my InDesign replacement. It’s full fledged but has an annoying interface, which needs constant repeating tasks (ie: when you select a new object, you need to re-open the option window you were in while with the last object).

As for content management (bridge replacement) I use Raskin, which really improves my workflow.

Digikam and iPhoto for photo management and manipulation ; MotionComposer for basic flash creaction ; and Coda 2 for HTML editing.

It all costed me far less than an Adobe suite and I grew really familiar with all those tools. I actually like working with them, and not being stuck with Adobe philosophy. I also like being able to contact devs and ask them for new features and have them implemented in the next version (Sketch dev is good for that!).

So that’s it I think. Let me know what you think about it ;)