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No. Death to the Validator! :mrgreen:

1) Your advice is an advice everybody already knows. It’s like waching up to the sky to know how the weather is.

2) W3C-Vadidator is often unable to analyze non-enclosing-tags with


the right way. He does not understand empty elements like


and wants me to write


the right way.

3) Everybody is talking about HTML5, but there is a by far better way to produce markups that machines can understand: the role-attribute. But the validator says, role-attrbutes are false in my xhtml-document, though the X stands for extensible.

4) Finally, the validors often says something is invalid on my page. But when I take a look in markup of the validator protocoll page I discover the same mark-up. Obviously it can’t be invalid if the W3C uses it.

For everyone who knows the concept of xhtml, validating is just spell-checking. Are all my p-Tags closed?