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About the sticky footer…..ooooooooo:) and nods about viewport. I thought sticky=fixed. But reading your explanation it’s indeed what I want. Bottom of viewport and if more content comes that it can move down, though I hope that won’t give a gap between grey part and footer if there won’t be any content. I try that out but… ehm….cough….how do I create a sticky footer? Hmm position statick? Probably a very noobish question…but…amuse my lack of knowledge here:).

I definitely try out that margin you mentioned instead of -40 which I understand it makes a gap underneath. I also will give the codepen example of page 1-3….1 will be enough as rest is practically same. Forgive me I will be able at soonest Friday and latest weekend to give it. ( I give you guys a break *grins*).

About the problem still existing on screens with bigger resolutions….I bet….thats why I just want it solved:). My resolution is 1960 by something: am not on pc to check it;)

Thank you lots!!