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Well, I misunderstood you. I thought you had space under the footer within the body (which the top: -40px would create), but you mean space in the viewport (I think). It sounds to me like Paulie is correct, and you do indeed want to use a sticky footer. A sticky footer will sit at bottom of viewport if there isn’t enough content to push it down there on its own, but will go to the bottom of the page or content (and possibly off screen) if there is more content than screen real estate.

using top: -40px is moving the footer 40px up under the shadow, but it also reserves its original space in the document flow – creating a 40px gap under the footer. You could use a negative top margin and z-index to pull it up under the shadow.

regarding the 400px, there must be a reason that value was needed. I haven’t seen the html and css for pages 1-3 so I can’t say, but its seems as if the slideholder doesn’t have height enough to encompass the out-of-flow absolute positioned children. I can also only guess on the reason for the difference in IE8 and FF being that some element in the document is relying on font-size (which differs from browser to browser and platform to platform). I’m also guessing that the problem of space under the footer actually still exists on screens with greater resolution than that your viewing.

If I could see the code, I could fix it for you :)