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Thank you all for your feedback. I truly appreciate it. My own feedback is definitely longer then yours and am sorry for this, but I want to react clear to all your awesome feedback.

@Paulie: what I do not like about sticky footers….is that you always see them….I thought about that option but its not my favourite. The idea about body is an option and one I tried myself just from design point of view am not very happy about it as my other pages have all same height footers… and this one would differ too much. Buttttt if I really won’t find any other solution then I definitely will choose that.

@Wolfcry911: thank you very much for cleaning out my css! I learned from that.
About that top: 400 that you say I definitely do not need;

There is that thing again with the footer….I did that bcs the stupid footer did not go where it had to go on my other pages=/…sighs……I removed now that top 400 but now footer is like in the middle of my page, overlapping all my content and I cant get that darn footer on bottom of my page. Asking politely did not work;-)

About the #page5 #footer with top: -40px

well….that was the only way to make it stick to the grey part otherwise I keep having space above and under footer.. As originally the grey part is a png with shadow I kept having space between there and footer…so to move that footer underneath the grey part I had to choose that weird parameter so it slides under.

Also I do not see what you changed with code besides cleaning out my css which I am majorly grateful for. As to me the problem still is visible…space under the footer I see white on full screen.

So after following your advices, which I am certain they were good, I now have two problems: on page 1-3 my footer is overlapping my content (as I have there written content between slideholder and footer. Remarkably when I choose that weird top: 400px; footer shows good on bottom of all content…besides in IE..IE9 and FF grrr.. As I said in my starting discussion…I used once a script for this issue but then it showed good in IE but not in all other browsers…so I hit the delete button:).

On page 4 (which I wrote this discussion thread for) and page 5 which has same setup….I stil keep that space underneath the footer…and above the footer, unless I use top -40 which will slide it a bit under the slideholder (=grey part)

To be clear: all my pages have the same set up. The only difference between 1-3 and 4-5 is that the 1-3 has a div between slideholder and footer with written content. Also page 1-3 has two absolute positioned divs within the relative positioned slideholder. (decorative purpose) So…the mystery continues……and the question still remains:

-how to get the darn footer now on page 1-3 on bottom page if using top 400px is out of league? And how to remove space beneath that footer in IE9 and FF if I WOULD use top 400px.? I guess for this I should show an example again but for now I focus on problem 2.

-how to remove space under the footer on page 4 without using sticky footer or coloring body the same?

Very grateful for all your time to look at this issue,