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Hello Wolf,
I will try with the floating, fixed width and centering text. Hopfully it will work with the other postioned elements.

I am working with dreamweaver and used the behaviors for swapping images. CSS would indeed be better. Somehow I thought it would require more code doing it with css…..thanks for pointing it out. Regarding target…was doubting it myself as I know you can indeed nowadays choose it yourself. Good to know I can get rid of that:)

About the footer….I did not set stretch but colored body same as footer…on other pages I have a texture for the body-background between slideholder and footer on which my written content appears. I do not want to loose that……I also do not know how to fix that problem with bigger resolutions…I am aware that when a person with a bigger resolution views the page….that grey body background flows under footer…..

About border on footer….its a png as the border has a shadow on top. I tried to use pseudoclass but i did not manage to place the border in a way that the shadow flows outside footer instead within footer. I know I can make shadow with css but I chose to embed it in png with the border.Should I use pseudoclass for it or is there any easier way to embedd that border without extra div?

Thank you lots for your reply:)