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Rob MacKay
"eshhy" wrote:

Thanks for the advice mate. What you said made a lot of sense to me. I guess I will keep at the coding side, and leave the design to someone that has the natural ability huh.

The interesting thing is that with the coding side, there is a set way to do it with all the tutorials you would ever need. Where as the artty side is kinda the opposite.

Anyways thanks


Dude, dont ever under estimate your skill… If it wasnt for people like you we wouldnt have anything to hang graphics on… which is pretty much all we do!

Don’t resign yourself to the fact that "oh im just a coder"… turn it round, your skill is just as valuble (if not more) as one who designs stuff! There are lots of people who need coders, and they pay coders more because, lets be honest, a good coder is a lot harder to come by than a designer :D lol. Plus lots of people think they can design, because its all pictures and colours – code scares the crap out of most.

So grab your skills and make some awesome applications, because without coders, designers are just arty farty… lol

OH and please hang around here, we need coders to help us designers out with our bad code LOL :D