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Rob MacKay
"eshhy" wrote:
Hi, I have a good understanding of how to code in xhtml and css, but designing for the web is not my strong suit. By this i mean, actually making a site in photoshop, before coding it.

If anyone could share any life experiences, tip or tricks, internet resources and anything else relating to web design. Your professional advice is appreciated =].

I would really like to become a better designer, because in the end that is what is selling the website.



Hey :)

Well the thing is about design, you either have the ability to do it or you don’t – its not something to be worried about… what I mean is design is like artistic skill, you have to have the ability to start with. So if you dont think you have the ability, don’t bother because you probably wont succseed. Now if you are an arty farty type of person, its simply just learning the tools to help you realise your goal.

So if you have the ability and just need to learn the tools… is an awesome starting point.

If you dont have the ability dont dismay! There are loads of people who need a coder mind (like me lol), So focus on what you are good at, and remeber the value of yourself as a coder might be worth more than trying to ware too many hats – as to say… :)