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"alexrogahn" wrote:
So TutShelf launched today and I couldn’t be happier. Just posted because I want to know what you guys think about it :D

A half finsished website being launched???
Why launch it?

Also I told you what I thought, but this was your reaction to what I wrote..

"alexrogahn" wrote:
The reason 2 pages are "missing" is because WordPress is working behind the scenes and as of now there are not any public tutorials and freebies, to be found. Of course if you knew anything about WordPress you’d know this, this also explains the first problem/rant you had of the article page being the same as the front page, because the only posts at this moment are in the category "articles" makes sense; no? As for advertising you should be happy not to have flashing links telling you to buy some design related crap.

I would also like to point out I was rushed a bit by my colleague since it was suppose to launch on the 1st May.

EDIT: Web Basics 1 tutorial screencast added to public posts.

it is April 6th today, May 1st is a good month away, plenty of time to fill the site before launch.

If you had thought about it, you could have had a home page that stands out from the rest as it is really a welcoming part of your site, that should hopefully keep your reader… No? e.g.
if it was me, although I don’t know wordpress, I would have put the latest post/Articles on the home page, not a list of them, or if I did want the list I would not keep it near the top. While I am here, I would say that if your going to put in different categories, why not have different sections for the different categories, which is easy to do by calling the category and getting the latest post in that category, but then again I don’t know wordpress.

your not found pages on wordpress could have been better with a coming soon message, then you could have overwritten that page… No? that would have shown the reader that the page existed.

"alexrogahn" wrote:
flashing links telling you to buy some design related crap.

if its crap then why have the space for it, seriously?

I just see your site as black & green, there is such a small difference on your black, I can’t really see it, no real header or footer as such, I have to look hard to see it is slightly different.

If you took what I said earlier and now badly, you should not have put out publicly that it is live, cause you actually wanted people to go to the site, which I done and was disappointed frankly.

so here is my good bit of critecism, it looks clean. although I would use other colours to distinguish some aspects of the site, e.g. Articles. but you should take all kinds of critecism, not just the good, not everyone will enjoy what you do and others will try to show you errors, like I was doing. is that fair enough?