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Ok I’m going to try to be polite. The design itself is complete, just not the content although we do have about 5 or 6 articles on reserve, we just didn’t want to release them all at once.

As for the homepage. It’s just going with the standard blog layout. I’m not as good as most of the other design bloggers, so if they’re copying off each other please don’t expect me to be the "saviour of blog layouts."

I’m going to add sub-categories soon (and a forum, but shush!), I never had the chance because of our much shortened deadline. The "coming soon" suggestion I’ll accept is better than just leaving it at the wordpress default.

The ad’s I hate but it’s the only way I’m gonna be able to keep this thing online, (mt) is a bit expensive for a 14 year old (yes that’s right I’m fourteen, who cares!?.) Thankfully I’m going to move of (mt) because it’s (gs) service is frankly. Crap. (sorry off topic).

Black and Green!? What on earth!? For me it’s dark browns and mint green. You might want to recalibrate your monitor?

Also as for the shortened deadline it’s not my colleagues fault, I was naive and didn’t go over EVERYTHING and that ultimately led to him to thinking everything was done, thus making him think we were ready for launch, when we clearly weren’t. I apologize for that and hopefully we’ll make up for our shaky start.