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Hey! I so I am deviating from what I originally wanted to do using an image with links within it. Instead, I am going to go all CSS.

Furball, I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand your post. I read it two or three times, and it flew right past me.

Here was what I have done thus far (I am walking away from using the javascript/image map idea)

Instead, I am doing it all with css. Here is what I got thus far.
The mail icon DOES indeed have a rollover effect. I did this all with css. Here is the css I used.

background: url("mail-icon-sprite.png") no-repeat 0 0;
{background-position: 0 -101px;}

#mail span

and here is the html


I just don’t know the code in order to get it where I want on the background of the footer.

Any more help? Thank you!