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Home Forums CSS Trying to make some changes to my charity work photography tumblr – help much appreciated Re: Trying to make some changes to my charity work photography tumblr – help much appreciated



I cannot reproduce the problem that you’re seeing in #1 – can you take a screenshot? What browser are you experiencing this in?

The reason why #2 is probably impossible is because it *has* to crop it somewhere. Tumblr *used* to crop it from the top but now it’s cropping it from the center. You’ll simply just need to be aware of this and possibly rearrange your images accordingly (you can change the order of the images if you go to edit your post).

@LimeX is right, you’d use the Infinite Scroll plugin:

Your theme is only using jQuery 1.4.2, I’d update that to at least 1.7.0 – shouldn’t cause any problems for you. Jumping up to the newest version (1.8.3) might cause some things to break depending on how the developer created the theme:

Once you’ve got your new jQuery installed and everything is working properly, you’ll need to add a link to your new infinite scroll plugin.

Look for this line in your current theme by clicking ‘Edit HTML’ on the customization screen:

You’ll want to change that to:

And right below that, you’ll want to download the infinite scroll plugin to your computer and upload it to the Tumblr server using this link: It’ll give you a URL to the JS file that you can plus just under your call to jQuery, like this:

Next you’ll need to set up all of your parameters for Infinite Scroll, so our new code will look something like this:

Now, I noticed that your current `#pagination` div is actually blank. This might mean that you don’t actually have a 2nd page of content yet or the pagination code has been removed from the theme, but I think it’s the former rather than the latter.

If you’ve managed to get everything working so far, CONGRATULATIONS! If not, ask away.