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I’m not sure if I can be of any help with your main issue here, but as to attaching event handlers to content injected via JavaScript, the jQuery .on() event handler attachment is what you want. Check out the jQuery documentation [here]( for more info on that.

Seems to me the old .live() method was easier to understand, but I’m a bit of a JS newbie, so meh.

For the checkbox icons, however, why not just use background images (or a sprite, actually) alternated based on the :checked selector, as Chris goes over [here](

Also, might I humbly suggest adding some more obvious indication that the to-do has been completed upon checking, like changing the urgency icon out, changing the row background color, or even collapsing that row or moving it down the list or into a “Completed” section that autopopulates?

Edited to add: Awesome concept you’ve got going on, by the way. I really love the look and feel of the web app so far.