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Andy Staple
"EamonnMac" wrote:
EDIT: I had a look at Subernova Andy, but was immediately put off by the $15 pm charge, albeit with a 30 day free trial. Freshbooks’ policy of allowing complete use for up to three clients for free beyond a fixed time period is a big plus for me. Plus its built-in invoicing means that a time-limit would probably mean that you wouldn’t get to see or use many of the invoicing facilities available to you otherwise… my 2 cents ;) … although they are cheaper than Freshbooks’ $20 pm and do offer a more reasonable yearly rate of $145(ish) which I was looking for from Freshbooks but cannot see the option. $240 per year is a little on the steep side.

They’re different types of apps honestly. I know the pricing scares some away and I didn’t enjoy it at first but its a life saver to me now.

Subernova is much more than just an invoicing system. It is a Project Management system. It includes the ability to add milestones, deadlines, projects, clients, links, and still does the automatic invoicing within that.

Subernova is what I’ve found to be the best fit for me. I know it won’t be for everyone but you should check out the free trial. Its more competition to bigger more expensive apps like 37 Signals Basecamp.

I liked freshbooks when I tried it, but I just wanted something that had invoicing + project management built in to kill 2 birds with one stone.