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Oh yeah – I stick to original estimates to get a site live, the hourly rate only comes in afterward to keep the whole "while you’re at it" thing in check!

I’ll give Freshbooks a look, see what they’re about. I”ll click on Chris’ ad and he can owe me a cent! :D Anyone else come accross any gems – or just good practices?

EDIT: Yeah, the more I think on it, the more I want to look at what others do to manage their day – do you guys work on one site on Monday, another on Tuesday, etc.; or do deal with one site’s particular issue of the day before moving on to another site’s problem? Or maybe you like to have a .htaccess Friday? A Markup Monday? ;)

My big problem is that at them moment, I just sit down in the morning with a specific site’s specific problem in my head and, once that solved (or I grow bored/frustrated!) I just aimlessly drift to something else. Next thing I know the day has passed by and I have no hand-on-heart way of saying what hours I spent of actual labour on so-and-so’s site. I end up guessing, and then undercutting myself to err on the side of caution. That’s no way to make a living!