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i’m not exactly clear what you want, from what you wrote… but there is something you can do in terms of showing a different picture on the page for each category

for example there is this code that you put infront of the loop in category.php etc…


Latest News

People getting hurt and embarrassed

These are featured posts

This is some generic text to describe all other category pages,
I could be left blank

this finds out which category you are looking at with for example… (is_category(‘news’)) – and shows a particular message as a result.

* i am using %/postname/% at the end of my permalinks so if you are not doing that, you will have a category number in place of ‘news’ etc..


If you are trying to add a different picture depending on what category you are viewing, you can replace the content of the <p> tags with <img src="blahblah" /> and do it that way.

I don’t know if that is what you are looking for, but i thought i would chime in, just in case ;)