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I received mine from @chriscoyier. By the way, those contests only help those who are running them. It’s always something like “follow me on twitter, like my facebook page, be my bitch, etc”. It’s completely pointless. I also notice that the whole “prospects” thing doesn’t really work out the way it was supposed to. It’s annoying to search through that many people and view their portfolio’s. I find that majority of the players invite their friends or people they think are talented. Not to mention that invites are random. I’ve been drafting people I find on Instagram.

Perhaps be more involved in the community? I saw your page and noticed that you have very little activity. Start liking shots, comment or give feedback (if you can).

Occasionally, players will use a hashtag on twitter to let others know when they have an invite. Search the following: #dribbbleinvite #dribbble

I think @TheDoc is right, though. Somehow showcase your work – it doesn’t even have to be client work.