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This conversation is very interesting.
When I first read the part on the typo I immediately thought about dyslexia.

pointed it out very well.

> Ten to fifteen percent of the US population has dyslexia according The Dyslexia Research Institute Mission.

>As many as 1 in 10 people in the UK are dyslexic. Given that the current population of the UK is around 60.2 million according to National Statistics Online.

That represents a significant number of users…

I made some researches and found a specific font for dyslexia (which is another topic).

I totally agree with not using black (#000) font on white background (#fff). I’ve no problem with my eyes but (according to all studies) I feel tiredness quicker than while reading a book. Due to this point I don’t implement these colors but try to reduce the contrast.

I assume, with #ccc color font, the issue will come from WCAG which won’t validate your content (non conformance to AA level). WCAG requires high contrast and doesn’t consider dyslexia (not yet I suppose).