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> In fact, I’d even suggest that you create an about page that lists those passions and side projects. Or possibly just rename the contact page to “about” and list those things along with the contact form.

Sounds good, I’ll go with one of those. Will be an about page probably and then I’ll think about whether or not keeping the link to contact in the main nav, or as big button on the front page (and link to from footer for every other page), as ‘call-to-action’ button.

I didn’t quite follow you about the typography, except the last phrase. I like thin types, tried Open Sans 300 too but went with Ubuntu. I’ll do some tests with other types for headings and maybe the main nav.

I’d like to learn the basics of designing, already reading a lot of blogs (some you posted in another topic). It’s interesting and I’ll keep reading and learning. But I can be quite stubborn. For example you say you design for the users and I agree, but some things seem more a matter of preference to me, and then I’ll go with what I like most. I really appreciate the feedback I’m getting here and I feel bad if I don’t go with well justified suggestions, but sometimes it just feels like it’s getting too minimalistic, maybe that’s what @Jarolin means.

> Wait, you need someone to work alongside you to change the name of the site?

Of course not, I meant while I’m doing this alone I like keeping this name. But the name is too personal to use when I’d work in a team. Hard to explain :P

, I’ll think hard and see what I come up with, thanks :)

, I’ll fix the footer. For the desktop… it’s probably the high narrow stand, right? I’ll either redraw the stand or find real images to use. For the header, you previously mentioned to make it full width. Are you suggestion to bring the background color back?

, for a thin font like Ubuntu 300 I think black could work, but I have read you should normally avoid pure black on white, for reasons croydon mentioned. So I’m looking forward to that followup.

Any other opinions about the green and the blue? I thought they went really well together.