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Footer paragraph content

I do like a little bit of humor, I have a little game studio that started out as ‘Kinetic Toast Games’ (now it’s called ‘Reptile Games’ though). ‘CrocoDillon’ just appeals to me as it’s a name I’ve been using for over 10 years. People tend to remember it more easily too, I guess because it’s different.

I, just as well, like humor but I just don’t think that content needs to be seen on every page. I think it’s great that you have other passions and hobbies. In fact, I’d even suggest that you create an about page that lists those passions and side projects. Or possibly just rename the contact page to “about” and list those things along with the contact form.

Menu Icons

Because icons make it less boring.

Possibly but they create a distraction.


I picked the font I liked most out of Google Web Fonts and went with it. I’d like a complementing font, maybe for headings, but I’m not good at pairing fonts so skipped that for now.

You need to test your selections just as you would test your site on multiple platforms and devices. Appearance of the overall face should not be a single factor. Ubuntu isn’t horrible but it has issues.

Footer Disclaimer & Description

Again, the humor… some people like it. I’ll think about changing it though. But I wouldn’t be the only one with a little bit of humor on my otherwise ‘professional’ website though.

Correct, there is nothing wrong with humor. I encourage you to show your personality. But maybe you misunderstood where I was coming from or read into what I said the wrong way? I’m just pointing out that with such little content there should be something more relevant to what your site is actually about.


Yeah I just used the green and the blue as it is, I was (still am) playing with Color Scheme Designer to get some deviations for contrast.

I like those two shades of blue, actually. I think the green throws it all off, though. Also, I would set the text in actual black not `#333`.

Keep in mind I’m not a designer.

If developers advocate that designers should learn to code then, the same goes for developers learning some basics of designing. There shouldn’t be a double standard.

I just try to make it look good to me.

It’s about the reader and/or potential client that is reading your content, not you, right? There is research that should go into building websites professionally. Even for designing and setting type on personal sites, users should still be a main priority. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Eventually I’d like to learn to make justified decisions… or find some one local to work with me, when that day comes I’ll probably change the name too, to something more professional.

Wait, you need someone to work alongside you to change the name of the site?