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wow this thread has come on quite a bit since my first comments. Some good advice here.

Totally agree with comments from @jeager, especially the use of shadow on a flat design.

Trying to maintain a vertical rhythm in responsive design is tricky. I personally use this as a guide to set up my initial baseline but amend it based on how i need the design to work. For example, @chrisburton mentioned the 3 blocks of the text. Although you are following the baseline, visually the measure (width of text block) is too small for this to be ideal line height. As the measure increases or decreases, the line height may need to be amended for best results.

Also remember that vertical rhythm is not just based on line-height. You can always change the line-height and make up the difference in padding/margin. But like I said, maintaining vertical rhythm can be tricky and for me personally, is not my biggest concern. Others may differ.

I do like @chrisburton design. Where before a lot of the elements were fighting for your attention, here the focus is more on the main section. I would run with this theme but do the following….

1) Separate the footer. I’m thinking either a very soft grey background, like #F1F1F1 or leave it white with just a light dashed border, but not as thick as you currently have it, more like 2px width.

2) As mentioned already, line the nav up with the logo so they sit on the same baseline, and separate this off either with the same dashed border (2px) and a lot of white-space, or a dark background-colour like your current design.

I see you have created more spacing around the main copy, which is a big improvement! I would add further spacing above and below the main section (move the 3 text blocks away from the hero section). With this additional spacing around the 3 text blocks, we can maybe explore whether we need those 3 horizontal strokes above the text blocks.

Almost there!