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Didn’t read through all the comments but heres my input as a designer and dev:

You are going for a flat look, so why the drop shadows? If you want them, just use them as hover states. But the first rule of flat design is designing flat. Shadows are adding dimension, so pick one or the other.

The logo is -alright- but could use kerning help. I honestly don’t really like it, but try to make a monogram or icon to add something to it. I can in vision a circle with a croc head in it or something. I’d suggest looking more professional though and use your real name.

The header is weird. You have the footer expanding the entire width, i’d suggest doing the same with the header.

Hover states with the nav are fine. But for the flat look, I’d suggest removing the shadows again. Keep them moving and changing colors though. Also maybe have the typeface be the same green on hover and current page.

Footer stitched look is a bit out of date imo. Also the class on the html element has a border-bottom. Remove it. It just looks like a mistake. Or make it larger.

Edit: In chrome when I hover over one of the three hover state icon areas, the logo jitters for the duration of the transition.