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@cwork, haha, thanks! I’ve made the site using Zend Framework 2, surely not the easiest way to get a site and blog up but I have my reasons. I need the experience (mainly in PHP but I like to learn ZF2 more too), I can make it exactly how I want it and I will upload the blog module to github when it’s finished to get the publicity (there is no blog module for ZF2 yet, it will be listed [here]( and [here]( The copyright looks indeed off, I will take a look at it, thanks again!

, ouch! But thanks :P The thing is I need to impress potential clients, not (other) designers and developers. Designers are not that easy to impress.

You say minimal design with lots of interactivity. Does that mean you’d say the design is okay as it is now if I add more interactivity and JS awesomeness? Only thing I can think of right now is to make that static image some kind of parallax slider. I’ll try to think of more, as long as it’s subtle. I don’t want my website to be a circus ;)