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Okay made some of the proposed changes :) Thanks for the feedback so far!

Made the main heading smaller to appear inside the ‘grid’ and less distracting. Since I’m using a real font and not an image I’ve introduced 9 MQs to do this (2px font-size increments)… maybe I should be less stubborn and go with an image? It would fix the pixelating issues, saves a 40kB web font download and 9 MQs and easier to change should I ever go with a more well-thought logo. On the other hand I don’t like images for text.

Centered the nav for <30em viewports, I don't really like it. Maybe I'll go with a collapsing menu for small viewports instead. I'll make other changes to the nav when I get some more answers as it's complex and I'm not really sure where to go with it.

Tried shadow on the main copy on the left, didn’t like it. But I did vertical align it to the middle of the image next to it.

Footer border 8px -> 4px.