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well in fact I have done research on colors and brown is simplistic and dependable. I am however thinking that I need to add something more to the palette to contrast the brown. something a little more on the "creative" side.
To much brown can be a little boring and indifferent.

Currently the two sections I have most experience with you can see without scrolling. but you do have to scoll down a little bit to actually get to "web"… I like the idea of having the info off to the side. (maybe a little info tag, when you click it will extend to show the info text.

There is no need for a navigation on a single page website… but I will be adding a couple call to action buttons at one point. ("resume" and "contact")

I do agree that I may need a better call to action then the plus signs…

Designing for yourself is probably the hardest gig. thanks for the input.