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First of all, you don’t need all those !important rules. Check out this article:

There’s an easy way to create custom lists within WP: by using shortcodes. Here is the code from my own theme:

add_shortcode('news', 'theme_shortcode_list');
add_shortcode('anotherlist', 'theme_shortcode_list');
/* just like that. */

function theme_shortcode_list( $atts, $content = null, $code ) {
$content = str_replace('
    ', '
    ', do_shortcode($content));
    return $content;

What it does is that it adds a classname to the ul so you can hook to that classname in you CSS. What you do is wrap your ul’s around [check] or [news] or whatever shortcode name you define. Now in your CSS define styles for this lists:

ul.arrow li { whatever } li { yeah! }