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Coming from a relatively new “web designer”, HTML and CSS is the way to go to start learning. Now as far as the resources, I personally learned from W3 schools.. aside from its horrendously old design.. it was a good source for information. I didn’t find out about codeacademy till i was well versed in HTML. which i strongly recommend. Codeschool, the paid alternative, is also very well made, and has a leg up on codeacademy when it comes to how _well_ they explain what you are doing. Really my best advice to you is, once you learn something new, use it, and manipulate it. That is the fastest, and easiest way to learn/understand what you are doing. Best of luck! These forums are also a tremendous wealth of knowledge which you should be afraid to use.
Now for text editors, my personal favorite is sublime text 2. it is free to download and asks you about every 2-3 hours if you want to upgrade. I am still learning it, but i am finding it tremendously useful and more intuitive as compared to Textwrangler(BBEdit) or vim.