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The problem is that a price requires a bunch of different variables like: experience, quality of work, local market, client market, number of templates, complexity of templates, browser compatability, custom solutions, etc.

For WordPress projects you should focus on *templates* and not total number of pages. Once you create the ‘Page’ template, you’re not going to have to build it again. So if the user wants to have 100 pages, that’s not a development issue (though it *is* an issue if you are also entering content, so keep that in mind as well).

Unfortunately, nobody can tell you what to charge! If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to do a few projects before you really find out what you should be charging. Most people charge too little when they are first starting out because they are nervous about scaring prospective clients away with big estimates. This eventually changes when you finish a project and think, “Well, that wasn’t worth it.” Next time you’ll know to charge more.

If you think that this entire project will take you 12 hours to complete, then the simplest formula is:

12 hours x {Your Hourly Rate} = Project Cost

For example, I charge at a rate of $50/hr. So for me it would be:

12 x $50 = $600

For me, it’s not particularly worth to get into an entire project for $600 (since I don’t freelance full time), so I’d probably charge more to make it worth my time.