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Nice. :)

The only thing that bother me with the actual flow of the background design is that on the right hand you have the ribbon type image going down, and it fits under the syndication box really nice, flows around it great, but the next box (search) it has a huge gap around it and it completely breaks the flow for your eye. Also the black link text on top of the orange RSS symbol is kinda hard to see. I’d scrunch that text up onto the white side of the image, so it’s not overflowing on top of the orange.

Honestly, I’d get rid of the "sections" header. Not really necessary since your links are there, and you have a nice breadcrumb action going on. People know it’s the nav/menu/section chooser, so you don’t have to tell them.

Also, I would give "the list" it’s own color. I think since you have done this with the other sections it would only fit if you completed it. Recoloring the images wouldn’t take long. Just fire up photoshop and pick one image. Than do a CTRL + U and change the color/hue/saturation until you get the color you want — than make sure you save that hue that you just used. Save the image for the new section, and open up the rest of the images you need, apply the hue/saturation you made for the first image and wah-la there’s your new color scheme. Than all you need to do is match the color in your CSS.

It’s kind of hard to give more feedback without content, to see how your posts look, and the interactions of the design with the content. Even if you put in dummy content it may be more helpful. Also, the design and name of your site don’t really give us an idea of WHAT the site is about, so make sure you keep that in mind as you go. I’m not saying be literal with the design, but some people will not stay on your site if they can’t figure out what it’s about in the first 3-5 seconds.

Also, looking at it again, I think that you’re hover colors for the menu/section links should change to match the color scheme of the section. I could be wrong cuz maybe it wouldn’t look good in action, but I think it would be interested to have the background blue when you hover on "archives", green on "photos" etc.