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So I’ve been converting the site to worpdress (rationalizing that having a separate blog area is sort of obsolete) and the menu is totally messed up. It displays fine; it just doesn’t align properly.

The navigation links should all be on the right side, with a 2.5% padding on the right. The blog title (for now, "Ryan Fitzgerald", because I am lazy) should be aligned left, with a 2.5% padding on the left. When they are on the same line, the navigation moves towards the blog title, which I absolutely do not want.

I tried playing around with taking the <h1> out of the navigation div, but it didn’t seem to do much other than put it places I didn’t want it. Should I just use more padding or margins or something to get the links over on the right?

(PS: disregard the nonsense posts and most of the rest of the site. it’s still in the works.)