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It helps to love web development ;)

If so there is nothing better – always something new to learn and discover plus the satisfaction that comes from “light bulb” moments when something that seemed so hard suddenly slots into place.

But the only way you’ll get there is by spending a lot / all of your time either writing code or reading about it.

A few things that have helped me on my journey: (Buy all of them)

And tens of thousands of google searches for solutions to problems – there is a lot of help out there if you’re happy to spend the time finding and making sense of it.

Also look for Meetups or usergroups near you – it’s great to meet your fellow devs in person and get along to conferences for the same reason.

Plus you don’t have to be really good at all of it – if you find you love CSS it is OK to get very good at that and just have a working knowledge of javascript or jQuery or php and vice versa. There are very few people (probably no one) who are genuine experts in all the languages you mentioned – but they probably know someone who is …

Good luck – it’s the best industry to work and play in