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Chris Coyier

I think the site looks great, good work!

The image in the header almost looks like a spotlight is shining down on the cupcake-thing, but not quite. I could see that being reworked a little bit to exploit some different lighting and transparency and make it really look like it’s getting blasted by a spotlight. I’ve mentioned this a few times on other design crits here, but I’m always really skeptical about reflections. Make sure that you really think it works with the design and you aren’t just jumping on the reflection bandwagon. It’s no substitute for strong typography.

As far as what it’s worth, that’s a hard question to answer. I think it boils down to hours. What is your hourly rate, and how much time did you spend on it? You can always tweak those numbers, if you feel like what you come up with is too high or too low, but I feel like designers should stick to their guns as far as hourly rate goes, in general.