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"fedeisas" wrote:
hey guys, a friend just ask me to make a site for him. He wants it to look just like this site
I was trying to figure out how it was build with the help of my beloved firebug. Is a complete table based site.
I’m, one of those who writes his pages in textmate, so that kind of tables seems a lot of work to me.
My questions are:
Is there any way to make a site like this in css?
Is there any software that can help me to make tables easily?

I can imagine this site in css, but I can’t figure out how to center it horizontally in the middle of the screen.
I would preciate any answers. Thanks!

Hi fedeisas

To make you make tables easy? Dreamweaver, I guess :)

For the matter of centering the div’s with css, make a wrapper that centers all your content displayed on your page..

wrapper {

This will center the div on any screens..

I guess that is what you were looking for, or am I wrong?