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I was a long-time holdout when it came to embracing css layout. I always thought that all the cross-browser issues made css layout too big a headache and I liked tables. I was used to them.

Recently, being tired of all the snide comments about table-based layouts, I decided to give css layout a try. I converted an entire osCommerce site (many many many pages with thousands, or even possibly tens of thousands of table-related tags).

After a few minor hurdles dealing with floats and clearing, the conversion from table-based to css-based layout became a snap. The code is cleaner, more readable, faster and many files were reduced in size by 75% or more!!!

Don’t waste your time on a table layout. You can make it better, faster, cleaner and smaller and have more control using css.

(This message has been brought to you by the CSS for President campaign) :D