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@Mottie: If I switch the “header” and “page-wrap” divs, it crops my “header-bg” to just 960 pixels. I want the “header-bg” to span the width of the window. So, I can not really do much about that. It also did not seem to fix the fact that the footer is way down there and my “cloud-icon” is still stuck in the footer. But I did change “#wrap” to “#page-wrap” in the conditional comment. Thank you for noticing that.

: Yeah, that is what I had on my website before I added this new method and it was not working. I tested it on monitors that have a higher resolution than mine and the footer was not sticking to the bottom like it should. This new method that I am using is supposed to prevent having an empty div and also stick the footer permanently to the bottom.

If anyone has any more suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. This is basically the last thing I need to do to finish this website. Thank you in advance!