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Okay, I think I have closed all my divs and removed any extra divs that should not be there. I put the IE7 code in the header. The only way I can get the gradient coming from the “header-bg” to flow behind the “sidebar” and “main-col” is by ending “header-inside” and “header” in the “footer.” How do I fix that? And if you visit the other pages, the “header-bg” stops at 960 pixels and the gradient only goes down about ten pixels. So, if you know what I am doing wrong there, please tell me. But, overall, I got the sticky footer to work. That last part would be the good news. Thank you for all of your help thus far. Stick with me just a little bit longer!

Edit: And the shadow-boxes are still only appearing on the top and bottom of the selected elements. On that note, I am going to bed. It is 2:53 AM. Sigh. I look forward to your insights when I log back on sometime tomorrow. Thank you, once again!