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Nope, they’re all screen-height+. There’s no particular reason that I need a footer per se, but I tried to put one in to tie up the layout nicely. Then it didn’t work. Several times. Cue madness.

I have tried to just put in a ‘footer style’ div after the content and sidebar divs and before closing off the page-wrapper. The problem seems to be that the content of those divs is overflowing downward rather than extending their boxes, so a following ‘footer’ div just sits halfway up the screen. For obvious reasons I can’t put an absolute value on their height though – would an overflow:hidden attribute or some such force them down?

Aside from that, the sticky footer method should work. I can’t figure out why it doesn’t for the life of me. I thought I’d ask ye good gentlemen to put me out of my misery!